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24/7 Customs BV has been founded with the purpose to facilitate forwarders, shipping companies and other logistics service providers with independent customs brokerage in the Netherlands.

We are an independent customs broker with a flexible attitude which assures you to lift your service level to a higher standard as well.  Correct, swift and in time customs declarations are crucial for you and your clients. A smooth passage through customs is what you want and we can provide this.

24/7 Customs BV stands for:

We are an independent company and therefore you can rely on the safety of all information concerning yourself, your clients and their cargo.


We only take care of the customs formalities. We do what we do best and let you do what you do best.


Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday 08.30 to 17.30 hours but beside these hours we can always be reached to sort out any problems or take care of new orders.

We always aim to handle your orders in time so you will not experience any unnecessary delay on customs formalities.


We care about you and your clients. Making sure your client is happy is our mutual goal.
The customs broker is a crucial link in the logistic chain and we make sure this link is strong and flexible. Our aim is to have a long and healthy relationship with our clients.


Our team has tons of experience and knows its business. We received our AEO-licence from Dutch Customs which means that we are totally ‘in control’ and therefor a reliable partner for Customs and Customers. With the AEO-licence we benefit from certain privileges like less checks on our customs declaration.  This means less delay for you shipments.

The perfect partner

Of course we are  a customs broker but we also have the knowledge of a forwarding agent as well. So we understand what is important to you and therefore we will be a flexible and pro-active partner.

The services we provide through all of The Netherlands whether it is for freight by Sea, Air, Train or by truck:

  • T1/T2 declarations (MRN);
  • Export- and re-export declarations;
  • Import declarations;
  • Requesting BTI (Binding Tariff Information);
  • Requesting import license;
  • Handling ATA-carnet;
  • Handling Cites certificates;
  • Declaration for wooden packing material from China;
  • Declaration for Flegt licenses;
  • Issuing ATR-certificates;
  • Consultancy for customs-issues;
  • Consultancy for AEO-issues:
  • Limited Fiscal Representation;
  • T2L(F) .

If you want more information please do not hesitate to contact us
by phone +31-180-727811 or by mail


Of course you are aware about of the upcomming Brexit and that there is still a lot that is not clear yet.

One thing is sure; the Brexit is coming and you need to ask yourself if your company is going to be effected by it and how you are going to deal with it.

Whether it’s going to be a “hard” or “soft” Brexit; a border arises between the UK and the EU. This means that customs formalities have to be fulfilled.

Please make sure you are ready for this and contact us by phone +31-180-727811 or by mail for a suitable solution.

24/7 Customs BV, Oslo 4, Barendrecht, Postbus 442, 2990 AK, Tel: +31-180727811